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Satisfy Your Inner Grumpy Gardener!

From garden tools to “grow your own,” designed and developed by gardeners through the Grumpy Gardener Range GreanBase offer consumers a wide range of quality products in the form of innovative garden equipment / accessories and giftware.

A proud supporter and manufacturer of quality UK products the Grumpy Gardener is here to solve problems whilst creating new must have tools that will sculpt a new way to tend to a garden.

Mrs Gleam Loves to Clean!

She cares about the environment, the safety of others within her household and does NOT like caustic products, harsh chemicals or overpowering fumes.

Mrs Gleam’s products are proud to offer an effective and Eco-friendly way to clean a multitude of surfaces including all metals / wood and laminates. In fact most Mrs Gleam products will not damage surfaces such as aluminium unlike her competitors. Mrs Gleams offers her products with style and the refreshing notion that her products should be a pleasure to use.



At GreanBase Ltd we pride ourselves on finding practical, innovative, quality products that make life around the home and garden that little bit easier. The Grumpy Gardener and Mrs Gleam are our Iconic product brands that could be a great addition to your present ranges.