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5+ reasons why you need this garden hand trowel

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Here we are again, another lockdown! As frustrating as it maybe, trying to find something positive to do in difficult circumstances can help. If you are able to, then getting out into the garden will help brighten the mood plus there are the health benefits of getting fresh air and exercise.

A dry autumn day is a great time to tackle jobs that will need doing ahead of the next growing season. One of our best selling garden tools, The Grumpy Gardeners Bigger Digamathing garden hand trowel is perfect to have at hand for many of those gardening tasks.

Here we list five of the autumn jobs and why the Bigger Digamathing garden hand trowel has proven helpful. You can also watch the video of the Bigger Digamathing get to work!

  • Bulb Planting and Sewing Seeds

The spoon shape of the Digamathing garden hand trowel is etched with measurements in inches and centimeters for correct planting depth of seeds and bulbs.

  • Pot Planting

It is designed to scoop out double the amount of potting soil versus a regular garden hand spade. October to January is a good time to pot a bare-rooted rose or shrub. Add a couple of scoops of compost to your potting soil and mix thoroughly before filling your pot to secure your plant in place. For roses, use your Digamathing to add mulch of well-rotted compost to the surface to retain moisture around the roots.

  • Planting Bedding Plants

The curved design with pointed tip and smooth side of the blade allows the trowel to cut effortlessly through the soil to mark out a planting site.

  • Digging Out Weeds

The garden hand trowel also doubles up as a weed removal garden hand tool. The pointed tip makes it ideal for getting up the roots of weeds, particularly those in flower beds and flower pots and digs them out roots and all.

  • Clearing Out Gutters

The curved design and pointed tip makes this garden hand trowel ideal for scooping leaves and debris out of gutters. The serrated edge also allows you to scrape debris off outdoor surfaces and roofs of outbuildings.

The Bigger Digamathing garden hand trowel does so much more than just big out soil for planting. One tool with multiple users also means it will save on space needed for storing gardening tools.

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