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Category: Bird Feeders and Food

The Grumpy Gardener July Newsletter

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The July newsletter discusses the importance of feeding wild birds and why The Grumpy Gardeners Deluxe Fatballs are loved by our feathered friends. On the theme of feeding birds we also introduce you to our extended range of peanut butter bird food jars.

Why the Grumpy Gardener is keen to care for our garden birds

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According to statement released by the National History Museum this week, we are losing green spaces, animals and plants to deforestation, exploitation, urbanisation and global warming. The report went on to say that we can all make a difference one of which is to care for the wildlife that visit our gardens. Putting up a […]

Why this bird feeder allows you to meet the needs of wild birds?

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Bird feeding station with 5 different types of feeders for food and water

As more and more of the British countryside becomes eroded away by housing and industry developments, our wild bird natural food sources are becoming depleted. The result is a greater reliance on humans for the provision of food particularly during the winter months. The Grumpy Gardener bird feeding station allows you to encourage a variety […]