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Discover Nutritious Peanut Butter for Birds

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Peanut butter for birds is an excellent source of high energy calories. It provides nutrients needed to survive the cold winter months.

Peanut butter bought at supermarkets for human consumption can be enjoyed by birds but is not recommended. There are brands that include sugar, salt, hydrogenated fats and additives to the list of ingredients and must be avoided. Palm oil, salt and sugar free brands can be fed to your feathered friends by smearing onto the bark of a tree or putting on a pine cone.

The convenient alternative though is to buy jars of peanut butter for birds such as The Grumpy Gardeners Nutpecker jars.

Nutpecker peanut butter bird food comes in convenient 330g jars for a ‘no mess’ solution to attracting and feeding a wide variety of wild birds. The jars can be inserted into the Nutpecker feeders and hung up in a tree, on a bird feeding station or from a wall bracket.

Birds even get a choice of flavours! Choose from jars of regular peanut butter mix, added tropical fruits, insects or mealworms. We even have a cranberry enriched peanut butter for birds to celebrate the festive season with happy chirps from full stomachs.

Nutpecker peanut butter is of a consistency that makes it easy for small birds to peck at with ease and won’t get stuck in their bills or throats.

Peanut butter bird food is a great way to attract a range of birds to your garden while supporting many common species to survive the winter and summer breeding season. A great all year food birds will love!

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