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How garden birds survive UK winters

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Ever wondered how birds survive the type of gale force winds we experienced in February 2022? Storm Eunice took a great dislike to many garden fence panels and dislodged numerous trees leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. With all that wind induced chaos going on around us, I couldn’t help wander how birds survive in such adverse weather conditions and what steps we can take to help them. Feeding garden birds, particularly in urban areas where natural food availability is not as readily available, can certainly help birds build stored fat levels before seeking shelter.

Garden birds seek shelter in hedges during adverse weather conditions

During storms with gale force winds, birds seek shelter on the lee side of trees or deep inside thick hedges where a decrease in wind speed can be huge. These areas also help keep birds dry in a driving rainstorm. So it is not just about feeding birds but also creating microclimates for them to huddle in during adverse weather conditions.

Feeding birds Nutpecker Peanut Butter Bird Food

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