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How to remove wet autumn leaves from your lawn and paving

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As the last of the golden leaves drop gracefully from branches and settle down on lawns and paths, we are ever more mindful that the chill of winter will soon be upon us. While autumn is with us, there are still jobs to be done in the garden for a healthy start to next years growing season. The Grumpy Gardener has the perfect garden tool to help you tackle autumn gardening with ease, as shown in this months newsletter.
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Product of the Month – Multi-functional garden rake broom

The rake broom features innovative curved plastic bristles that are always in contact with the ground, allowing you to pull leaves, grass, pebbles and other debris towards you rather than away from you.

It has 3 interchangeable heads: rake broom head allows you to sweep and rake on all surfaces.weeding knife head for weeding beds, borders or patios and features a notched blade for cutting roots and splitting.large wire brush patio scrubber head for cleaning hard surfaces like the patio and driveway, Removes moss and debris.

An extended handle for a comfortable working height allowing you to easily reach those hard-to-get-to nooks in your outdoor spaces where leaves and other debris love to gather.

Irresistible Christmas Characters

This year, Christmas may not promise the usual festive build-up to the special day when family and friends come together for a grand meal and to exchange gifts.
However, our adorable bobbing Father Christmas and Snowman characters are sure to be a special festive friend this year, who will gently wobble on his sprung legs when nudged. Bring Christmas spirit to your home or garden with these charming seasonal characters.
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The Grumpy Gardeners Christmas Peanut Butter Bird Food

Birds love Nutpecker peanut butter bird food enriched with cranberries. The jars of food provide an excellent source of protein, oils and fats.

The 3 feeders and 3 jars of Christmas themed Nutpecker bird food will make a great gift.

Feeding wild birds offers many advantages to both birds and people. Studies have shown that seeing and hearing birds in your garden has a direct link to lowering your levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

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