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How to remove weeds effectively without the use of chemicals

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Weeding is job least enjoyed by many but one you have to keep working at to achieve a weed-free garden. A weed, by definition is a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation or ‘a plant in the wrong place’. Gardeners are faced with three options when dealing with weeds namely physical removal, application of chemicals or to nurture the wild look. However, it is now well documented that herbicides (a type of pesticide), are a serious health hazard, especially to children and pets.

There are a number of steps you can put in place to keep reduce the growth of weeds:

  • Mulching – cover the soil in your flower beds with organic matter to smother weeds. Mulch also acts as a barrier to the seeds germinating. You can use bark, compost, grass clippings or wood chips to mulch your beds.
  • Plant dense ground cover
  • Consistently hand dig weeds out by getting right under the roots. Dig weeds out before they get a chance to see and reproduce.

The Grump Gardener Cultimate was designed with weed removal in mind. Dandelions have a big root structure making them more difficult to get rid of. But with the Cultimate weeder you are most likely to get the job done effectively.

We believe the Cultimate weeder and garden cultivator is the best all-purpose garden hand tool available on the market. Apart from using it for weeding, the garden cultivator is also effective at breaking up hard soil, planting and creating furrows.

Due to the unique curved shaft the Cultimate garden cultivator gets right under the weed, pulling it up by the roots.

Say goodbye to weeds in your lawn, flowerbeds, between paving slabs and decking joints with this innovative weed removal tool.

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