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Mrs Gleam

Mrs Gleam

A fresh, fantastic, unique British house-cleaning brand created by a fanatical housewife from Norfolk. Mrs Glean is your answer to all of those daily cleaning issues you may have as she is known for her wonderfully effective cleaning products including the Oven Rack Cleaner . Mrs Gleam’s designed her product range for piece of mind because whilst cleaning matters it should be done without compromising the health of your home, family and to the environment.

Our flagship product is Mrs Gleams Oven Rack Cleaner which was the first non caustic / eco-friendly soaking agent on the marketplace. Mrs Gleam is obsessed with cleanliness but opposed to using harmful chemicals that have over powering fumes and could burn your skin. After numerous attempts to clean those dirty oven racks Mrs Gleam has now invented a skin friendly product used to clean away that grease and grime.

House cleaning products free from harsh chemicals

We are proud to bring you a range of house cleaning products that are free from chemicals typically found in many major brands, which are harmful to our health as well as the environment. Mrs Gleam’s products are free from chemicals such as phthalates, which are used to add fragrance and can cause skin irritation; 2-butoxyethanol, which is used in multipurpose cleaners and can cause a dry throat irritation; chlorine, which is used in bathroom cleaning products and also known for as a respiratory irritant. While opinion is divided on the long-term effects of major brand cleaning products to our health, there is no getting away from the fact they do cause respiratory problems and skin irritations to those who are more susceptible.

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