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Peanut Butter Bird Food Awesome, Delicious and Nutritious

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Birds love peanut butter. It is a great nutritious and delicious treat for wild birds. The Grumpy Gardeners NutPecker peanut butter food jars offer the perfect way to present it to them.

Peanut butter is a highly nutritious for garden birds, but they shouldn’t be fed the peanut butter sold for human consumption it it contains salt or additives.

Flower bird feeder for Nutpecker peanut butter bird food jars

How to serve peanut butter

Peanut butter provides a high energy, protein rich food for year round feeding of wild birds. You can now buy your bird food in convenient 330g jars for a ‘no mess’ solution to attract and feed a wide variety of wild birds. The bird food jars can be inserted into NutPecker feeders and hung up in a tree, on a bird feeding station or from a wall bracket, or inserted into a flower feeder as shown in the above image.

Peanut butter food jars are far less likely to leave mess or waste that has the potential to attract rats and mice.

To attract birds to your garden, experts advise offering a wide variety of foods such as peanut butter, fatballs and seeds. Birds also have preferences as to where they like to feed such as from a bird table, feeding station, on the ground or high up in trees or shrubs. Putting food in these different locations in your garden will help to attract a greater variety of bird species.

Half eaten apple shaped bird feeder

Birds prefer feeding in the company of other birds. They do this to protect them from potential predators. If one feels threatened, it will alert the others to fly off too. A few pairs of eyes are always better than one! Supplying a nutritious combination of bird food regularly will help attract both variety and numbers.

It is best to feed birds from feeders that will help keep bird food dry. Soggy bird food can start going mouldy and harbour diseases Alternatively, only put out small amounts of food at a time.

Bird Feeding Station with 3 different types of feeders plus a mesh tray for worms and a plastic dish for water

Birds love us for helping them thrive in a world where their natural supply of food is threatened.

Happy bird feeding!

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