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Planting bulbs using a uniquely designed garden trowel

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Spring is a perfect time to plant tender bulbs such as Dahlias and Gladiolus for a spectacular summer bloom. Before you start digging away to plant your bulbs it is worth planning noting the height and colour display when your choice of bulbs come into full bloom.

Here are a few popular summer flowering bulbs (a bulb is a self-contained capsule that stores their next season flowers and nutrients to nourish it during growth) to consider planting in pots, borders or flower beds:

  • Allum
  • Astrantia
  • Gladiolus
  • Dahlias
  • Cyclamen
  • Gocosmia
  • Rhodohypoxis

Most bulbs thrive in free draining soil so before planting it is worth loosening the soil and digging in lots of compost. This will help drain away excess water as well as provided much needed nutrients for the growth period.

As a general rule, dig a hole for each bulb 2 to 3 times as deep as the bulb is tall. But, always read the planting guidelines first. Planting too deep or too shallow will affect the next seasons blooms. Place bulb inside the hole with the roots pointing downwards or nose facing upwards. Cover with composted soil and gently firm the ground down using the back of your garden trowel.

Label the area where you have planted your bulbs to avoid accidental site damage by digging into them.

When planting bulbs invest in this ingenious multi digging garden trowel as shown in the photograph. It features an ergonomically designed handle for the users comfort when planting, drawing seed troughs, cutting through fibrous roots with the serrated blade, or scraping other tools clean.

The Digamathing garden trowel digs through hard ground with ease. The head of the garden trowel is 16 centimetres in length and designed to scoop out double the amount of soil or compost versus a regular garden hand spade. The curved design with pointed tip and smooth side of the blade cuts effortlessly through the soil to mark out a planting site. The serrated edge readily cuts through troublesome roots, whilst the front of the blade has measurements in mm and inches etched-in for accurate bulb planting and to gauge soil depth.

Fitted with moulded non-slip rubber grip handle for extra gardening comfort this is ideal for planting your summer bulbs.

With the handy engraved markings on the Bigger Digamathing and the extra-long scoop-shaped body, this is certainly the garden hand trowel that will make light work of a wide range of gardening tasks.

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