12 x 330g Jars of NutPecker Peanut Butter Bird Food With Added Insects


Birds love peanut butter. The Nut Pecker peanut butter food jars offer the perfect way to present it to them.

Our Nut Pecker peanut butter feeders are specially designed to house jars of bird-friendly peanut butter.

Peanut butter is a highly nutritious food for garden birds, but they shouldn’t be fed the peanut butter sold in supermarkets for human consumption due to the salt content.

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Peanut butter offers a high energy, protein rich food for year round feeding of wild birds. You can now buy your bird food in convenient 330g jars for a ‘no mess’ solution to attracting and feeding a wide variety of wild birds. The bird food jars can be inserted into each of the Nut Pecker feeders and hung up in a tree, on a bird feeding station or from a wall bracket.

Jar with a purple lid includes added insects (Ingredients: Peanuts, maize flour, wheat flour, flaked maize, vegetable oil, beef fat, seeds, insects)

How the peanut butter jars fit into the Nut Pecker Bird Feeder

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