Dirt Demon Garden Hoe


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The Dirt Demon hoe from Grumpy Gardener features a compact design that makes light work of tough plant roots and hard soil, as well as pulling furrows for seeds. An essential for any keen gardener, the Dirt Demon will tackle pesky parts of your outdoor space to give you a garden to be proud of.


  • 1 x Dirt Demon (length): 40cm (24”)

Dirt Demon Customer Review

I have a garden that really is too big for us and we can’t keep up with the weeding, turning over the soil etc. I am extremely pleased with this tool. While I am only slight this helps me tremendously. I can manage it (adjusting the position of my hold along the blade as the task/my strength dictates). It is a sturdy tool with a beautiful sharp, robust blade. It is very well balanced and consequently has a perfect ‘swing’. This has obviously been well thought out and is matched with a high quality build.”


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