Garden shears with gear action


Galvanised steal blades with gearing action allows you to cut through thicker branches with less force than regular shears. The gear action also means that these garden shears cut rather than chop at branches. Lightweight and a comfortable grip makes for easing pruning, cutting and shaping of shrubs and hedges.

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These geared-action garden shears get any hedge trimming job done effortlessly. The ‘gear action’ design allows the blades to open and close with ease for sharper cutting.

Features of the gear-action garden shears

  • Sharp blades making the shears ideal for pruning hedges and shrubs
  • Gear meachanism amplifies the force applied to the blades when in use
  • Elliptically shaped handles for a more comfortable grip
  • The gear-action means that there is less effort requirewd to open and close the shears
  • Wave-shaped blade allows less material to travel out of the jaw line as they close. It allows for a slicing action rather than chopping action, making the shears easier to use
  • Gear mechanism means the blades are much longer the traditional shears
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Tough galvanised steel blades offers low friction when cutting  
  • Shears dimensions are approximately (l x w x d): 61cm x 34cm x 5cm (24″ x 13.4″ x 2″)

Jenning’s gear-action garden shears are suitable for many different jobs such as hedge trimming, pruning around bushes and neatening edges to flower beds etc. The unique gear mechanism offers greater cutting power. 

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  1. briteadmin

     These are excellent shears. Although not the best jobs in garden, they make cutting the hedge rather addictive. They are a lot easier then the inherited one’s I had in the shed! ” 2017

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