One Handed Garden Shears with Adjustable Blade – Green


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These one-handed garden shears with adjustable blade are designed for trimming grass or pruning your more delicate shrubs. Carbon steel blades can rotate 360 degrees to make the job easier.

The three position one-handed shears means you have a free hand for when you need to get among the foliage.

The handle has a ergonomic grip for extra comfort.

Available in green or red one handed garden shears

Make your time doing garden maintenance that much easier with these garden shears from Jennings.

Dimensions: Garden shears (h x w x d): 35.5cm x 10cm x 4cm (14″ x 3.9″ x 1.6″)

I bought these specifically for cutting back perennials, as I find that secateurs can make it a tough and tiring job when you are cutting back large clumps. The shears arrived this morning and I have used them to cut back quite few large patches of Achemilla mollis. I found them to be very effective and, being a one hand operated tool, it made the job faster than previously. So based on today’s experience I can see them being a useful purchase, provided of course that they are easy to sharpen“.


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