Premium Mix Fatball Tub 50

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Fifty premium mix fatballs per tub packed full of tasty cereals, oils, fats, seeds and minerals that your feathered friends will love. Ideal for using on bird tables, in a feeder or on the ground, these fatballs will help to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden.

  • These energy suet fat balls are enriched with sunflower seeds to attract more birds to your garden
  • Use this food to attract Blackbird, Robin, House Sparrow, Long Tailed Tit, Chaffinch, Song Thrush, Blue Tit and Great Tit plus many more birds to your garden
  • Suitable to be fed to birds all year round
  • Can be fed from an energy ball feeder, on a bird table or in a ground feeder
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Shelf life: minimum of 9 months

How to feed your garden birds:

  • Please make sure garden birds have plenty of fresh clean water for drinking and bathing
  • Clean feeding and drinking areas regularly with warm water and a mild detergent
  • Keep food in feeding stations fresh and dry, removing any wet or old food to prevent spread of bacteria and diseases
  • Wash your hands after handling this or any bird feed


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