2-in-1 Secateurs and Digamathing Garden Trowel Gift Set (Blue/Green)

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This Grumpy Gardener gift box with 2-in-1 secateurs and Digamathing serrated edged garden hand trowel is an ideal present for any keen gardener.

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This Grumpy Gardener gift set includes 2-in-1 secateurs and Digamathing serrated edged garden trowel.

2-in-1 Ratchet Secateurs

They are referred to as 2-in-1 because they can be switched between a ratchet system for ease of cutting thicker stems, and a single cut mode for lighter pruning. The secateurs also come complete with an oil sponge and a safety-lock catch. The 2-in-1 secateurs are designed to be a long-lasting part of your garden tool kit.

  • Ratchet mode with 4 short cuts – perform pruning in easy, pressure increasing steps rather than in one cut. Far less effort is required using this system.
  • Single cut mode with 1 effort saving cut
  • Strong aluminium handles
  • Non-slip and soft grip handle
  • High carbon steel non-stick coated blade
  • Ideal for pruning hedges, plants, shrubs and trees
  • Lightweight design
  • Oil sponge keeps blades clean and lubricated. Simply remove from the inner side of the handle and use it to wipe the blade clean for a smooth cut
  • Good fit grip

How to use the secateurs

  • Slide the branch to be pruned firmly under the blade and close the handle together without forcing them. Please note: it is normal for the secateurs not to completely cut the branch in one closing of the handle.
  • Allow the secateurs to return to the open handle position, so as to allow the pawl to engage with the next notchon the ratchet mechanism.
  • Repeat the above until the branch is cut off.

Let these secateurs do the cutting without any strain to your wrist. Secateurs that are ideal for gardeners who suffer a weak grip as a result of arthritis or injury.

Secateur dimensions

  • Secateurs (l x w x d): 20cm x 9cm x 2.5cm (7.9″ x 3.5″ x 1″)
  • Weight: 214g
  • All measurements are approximate.

Digamathing Garden Trowel

An ingenious multi-digging garden trowel with an ergonomically designed handle in green. Used for planting, to draw seed troughs, cut through fibrous roots with the serrated blade, or to scrape other tools clean.

The head of the garden trowel is 16 centimeters in length and designed to scoop out double the amount of soil versus a regular hand spade. The curved design with pointed tip and smooth blade cuts effortlessly through the soil to mark out a planting site. The serrated edge readily cuts through troublesome roots. The front of the blade has measurements in centimeters and inches etched-in for accurate bulb planting, and to gauge soil depth.

The Digamathing garden trowel is fitted with a moulded non-slip rubber grip handle for extra gardening comfort.

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