Secateurs and CultiMate Weed Removal Tool Gift Set (Red)

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The set includes a uniquely designed garden cultivator and secateurs presented in a gift box making this an ideal gift for anyone who has a garden to maintain. The red handled garden cultivator and weeder is the ultimate tool for gardeners . The garden secateurs come with a rotating handle to reduce the wrist strain and has a 4 ratchet cutting system to cut through thicker branches with ease.

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Garden cultivator and weeder

  • The red handled CultiMate weeder and garden cultivator is the ultimate tool for gardeners.
  • One of best all-purpose garden hand tools available on the market.
  • Use it to break up hard soil, for planting and creating furrows.
  • Perfect weed removal tool for raking out those pesky plants from the joints in paving and drive edges.
  • The handle is extremely tough, durable and moulded around the shaft in such a way that the blade cannot work loose.
  • Due to the unique curved shaft, the CultiMate garden cultivator gets right under the weed, pulling it up by the roots. This garden hand tool is ergonomically designed for left or right-handed use.
  • Measures (l x w x d): 31cm x 16cm x 3.5cm (12.2″ x 6.3″ x 1.4″)

Garden secateurs

Garden secateurs with a rotating handle to reduce the wrist strain and has a 4 ratchet cutting system to make it easier to cut through thicker branches.

  • Super strong secateurs with safety lock.
  • Unique 4 ratchet cutting system.
  • Ergonomic soft TPR grip with finger guard and rotating handle to help prevent wrist strain.
  • Non stick, rust resistant quality carbon coated steel cutting blades.
  • Carbon steel cutting blade and a safety lock to prevent accidental usage.
  • Left and right handed user

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