Set of 2 Yellow Fat ball Bird Feeder Garlands with 21 Deluxe Fat Balls


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Winter can be tough, particularly if you’re a bird trying to find food in an urban area. You can help our feathered friends by offering them highly nutritional food. The Grumpy Gardener has launched another novel bird feeder that birds will love! The bird feeder set includes 21 Deluxe Fat Balls and two packs of garlands to hold the fatballs. You can hang the garlands from tree branches or hooks, or place the feeder on bird tables. The Grumpy Gardeners Deluxe Mix Fatballs are suitable for year-round use and packed with nutrients.

The garland bird feeder comes in a choice of colours:

  • Orange
  • Sage Green
  • Lemon Yellow

Set of Fat ball Bird Feeder Garlands contains:

21 x Deluxe Fat Balls (1075g)
2 x packs of garlands (six in each)


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