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Tips to get your garden Spring ready

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After the winter months of chilly weather, the longer days and noticeable signs of spring are so rejuvenating. The signs and sounds of nature reawakening is our cue to get outdoors. It is a time to start preparing our garden and plant pots for the new growing season.

Our first signs of spring are the vivid displays of colour from ornamental fruit tree blossoms and bulbs. This marks the start of a busy time for gardeners. The more we do now the greater the chances of a healthy and successful burst of summer colours.

Here we share a few important gardening tasks to get you going from this week end through to late April.

  • Plan what annual plants you are going to buy to fill your flower beds and hanging baskets.
  • Prepare your flower beds for the growing season
  • Dig compost and well rotted manure into flower beds and around shrubs.
  • Add a layer of mulch around perennials and biannual plants, trees and shrubs before the hot weather arrives. Use well rotted manure or bark chipping.
  • Cut back spring flowering shrubs after they have flowered.


  • Now is a great time to plant new evergreens and shrubs. It is also a good time to move any shrubs you may what to transfer to another part of your garden. Important though to keep the roots well watered through the growing season.
  • Plant out sweet peas and hard annual seedlings.
  • Dig stakes into the ground to secure tall growing plants in place. This will also help protect them from wind damage and to show-off a stunning display of flowers later in the season.
  • Top dress your plant pots with fresh peat-free compost.
  • Sow and plant vegetables and herbs.
  • Keep seedlings free from being chocked out by weeds. The Grumpy Gardeners Dirt Demon garden hoe is ideal for removing weeds from flowerbeds.
Diggamathing garden trowel and garden hand tool

Your garden lawn care

  • Mow your lawn. From April you will need to start mowing more often.
  • Feed lawn with high nitrogen fertilizer after raking off moss.
  • Neaten lawn edges.

With the warmer weather you will be wanting to sit outdoors and marvel at your hard work. To make that space extra special, scrape the moss and dirt from paving and patio. The Cultimate weeder is the perfect garden hand tool for removing weeds from between paving blocks.

Telescopic rake broom with large wire brush attached for cleaning patios

With so much going on for gardeners in April and the enthusiasm of planting and preparing, we still need to be frost aware. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for frosty nights and lay out fleece to protect vulnerable plants and shrubs.

With so many reasons to get outdoors, The Grumpy Gardener has a number of garden hand tools, plant pots and bird food to help create your special outdoor space.

In closing, why not listen to this series of podcasts to how to make the most of your outdoor space. As part of the Garden Escape series, Will Gowing is joined by gardening expert, Michael Perry and also Joe Smith from The Grumpy Gardener…….

Happy gardening as always!

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