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Why bread is not a healthy bird food but this is

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2020 proved to be a challenging year and as a result many of us spent more time at home than we would have under normal circumstances. With this there was a greater interest in garden makeovers and growing our own vegetables. Bird watching also surged in popularity during the pandemic. We learnt the value in providing supplementary food for wild birds recognising its importance for their welfare particularly when natural food shortages occur.

Feeding wild birds is one of the most practiced forms of human-wildlife interactions. It contributes to sustaining bird populations.  However, feeding birds bread is not a good idea. It is no different to the human version of feeding our families junk food. Delicious and very appealing to gobble down without thought. Bread, particularly refined brands have a very low nutritional content.

The Grumpy Gardener is proud to support the diversity and sustainability of our feathered friends through our range of nutritional bird foods. Our garden tools have also proved a great success and we have a few handy items available to support autumn gardening tasks such as bulb planting, clearing the lawn of autumn leaves, planting autumn bedding and keeping paving free of weeds or moss.

Balls made from suet or fat are great in winter as they are high in calories, and are likely to attract blue tits, long-tailed tits and great spotted woodpeckers.

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