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Why lawns love this garden rake broom

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Soft and gentle on lawns, unlike metal rakes it won’t pull out tufts of grass when you try raking up autumn leaves.

Why the rake broom grips and pulls without damaging the lawn

This telescopic handle garden rake broom is a multi-tasking garden tool that sweeps up debris from any outdoor surface, wet or dry. It can also be used as a rake to remove leaves from the lawn, or as a broom to sweep up grass, gravel and other debris from your patio. The rake broom head is interchangeable with a weeding knife head and a large patio scrubber head.

The rake broom has thousands of curved plastic bristles that are always in contact with the ground, allowing you to pull leaves, grass, pebbles and other debris towards you rather than away from you. The bristles are soft enough not to damage the lawn by pulling out tufts of grass yet sturdy enough to grip and pull leaves and debris towards you. The softness of the bristles also allow you to swim leaves off a gravel path without shifting the gravel – a job not easily done with a metal rake.

Watch the garden rake broom sweep up autumn leaves

The garden rake broom can be extended to a comfortable working height while you’re using it, plus, it will allow you to easily reach those hard-to-get-to nooks in your outdoor spaces where leaves and other debris love to gather.

 To change the heads just push in the clips, push down and twist.

Features of the multi-head rake broom

1 x Multi-Head Gardening Rake Broom (l x w x d) when extended: 1.6m x 35cm x 10cm (5ft 2″ x 13.8″ x 3.9″). Length when not extended: 1m (3ft 3″) 1 x weeding knife head 1 x large wire brush patio scrubber Visit us here to buy your Rake Broom

The garden rake broom is loved by lawns and by gardeners. Not only does it work effectively at raking up leaves and debris but you can transition from lawn to path to patio with the same garden tool clearing autumn leaves.

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