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Why the Hori Knife is the ultimate gardening tool

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Are you a keen gardener always on the look out for tools that make outdoor jobs easier to deal with? Well, lets take a look at a versatile hand tool that is convenient to carry around and takes up little storage space. The Hori knife or ” hori hori” is a garden knife with its origins in Japan. It’s unique design offers both cutting and digging features. So, one tool with many uses!

‘Hori’ in Japanese means to dig and the knife was originally used for carefully excavating wild vegetables in the mountains of Japan. Its elongated shape with sharp edges offers further uses in the garden such as for transplanting, planting bulbs, sawing and cutting. It is also perfect for uprooting weeds in pots or busy flowerbeds, and extracting weeds from between paving.

Balcony gardening

The spring months of April through to June are ideal for planting a balcony garden. And, the hori knife is the perfect garden tool for digging about in small spaces. Roof top or balcony gardening generally involves the use of containers and the right type of plant for the general environmental conditions. What you plant depends on the amount of sunlight, exposure to wind and amount of available space.

Another of the Grumpy Gardeners tools that will help pot-up your containers is the Bigger Digamathing garden hand trowel. Use it to scoop-up three times the amount of peat-free multi-purpose compost versus a regular trowel. The hori knife can then be used for making space in the soil to add a plant, splitting plants and tidying up pots.

Features of the Grumpy Gardeners hori knife

The hori knife from GreanBase is made from a high quality stainless steal. This heavy duty knife has many uses out in the garden thanks to the following features:

  • Comes complete with a sheath which has a belt loop for easy transportation.
  • Calibrations down concave-shaped narrow blade to assist with determining depth when planting bulbs
  • Blade ends in split point to pierce through hard ground with greater ease
  • Serrated edge makes it easy to dig out weeds more effectively
  • Elongated shape makes it ideal for digging in tight spaces
  • Notched end and sharp blade means it can open bags of compost
  • Serrated edge allows it to cut through roots
  • Ergonomically designed handle for great comfort
  • Knife measures (h x w x d): 28.5cm x 6cm x 3.3cm (11.2″ x 2.4″ x 1.3″)

The Grumpy Gardener Hori knife is such a helpful gardening tool. The notch at the narrow end really helps to effectively remove weeds. The sheath and belt loop means you can carry your Hori knife around with you whenever you are outdoors gardening. It is great to use as a trowel, easy to dig up weeds, cuts through garden twine and it is brilliant for chopping waste from my vegetable harvesting before putting it on my compost heap.

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